How to Burn the Perfect Candle

Hi Folks!

Today we are chatting about proper candle burning tips!  It’s something that seems pretty simple to most; buy it, light it, move on.  But in order to get the most use out of your candle, there are things you must do to ensure your little guy burns properly.


#1.    Keep your candle wick trimmed.  Most of the time, a candle you purchase at the store is not at the appropriate wick height for lighting.  This can be for various reasons, but for us, its to allow the wick to come through our dust cover hole.


Wicks should be trimmed EVERY time you light your candle. ⅛ of an inch is the ideal height and ½ inch for the first trim.  The reason for this is because the taller the wick, the more chances it has of softening and curling to one side, putting more focus and heat to only half of the candle.  Inevitable, this can lead to your candle not burning to the edge of the glass on all angles.


#2.    The first burn is the most important! You will need to allow your candle to burn to the edge of the glass the very first time.  I would recommend not burning it until you know you are home for a long enough period of time to let it go. This is because soy wax has memory.  If you only light your candle for 45 minutes, it will leave a circle of wax melted around the wick. This is called “tunneling” and sets the tone for the entire candle. The very first light will determine the burn pattern.



#3.    Depending on the diameter of your candle, it may need more of less burn time than others.  Our candles are 3” in diameter and need 3 hours to reach the edge at the beginning. Votives or tealights are less likely to have time issues with their small size.  A rule of thumb is one hour for every inch in diameter. If you are less likely to have a burn for a longer period of time, these smaller options may be the size for you!



#4.    If you have tunneling issues, there is an easy fix.  To reset the wax memory, you can wrap the outside of you candle container in tinfoil and create a dome like cover over the top of the candle to keep the heat in.   This will melt the wall wax and fix your issue. You can also scrap the higher wax down to the level of the wick.


Candle lids are a popular choice that also helps to ensure proper burn.


#5.    Always light candles away from other heat sources, drafts, or anything flammable.  Never add your own oils to a candle with fragrances already in it. Combining different fragrance or essential oils can react negatively together and become hazardous.  Never lead a candle unattended.

Keep it away for all things flammable and position in a safe position in your home. Do not place your candle underneath lamp shades, near curtains or blankets. Keep away from the edge of a table where small children, dog tails or cat paws can knock it over.