Incorporating Candles into Self Care

Incorporating Candles into your Self Care Routine

We’re back on the blog train with a new topic! 

Self care isn’t easy when you’re a busy parent, or you’re working 18 hour work days and it can be difficult to find 10 minutes to yourself to relax and set yourself up for a better start the following day.  

It’s been noted in some research studies that the simple act of lighting a candle can help build a positive mindset.  Below are 5 ways you can add a candle into your “me” time, relieving some stress at the end of the day.

1    Meditation and Yoga

Of course, there are many types of meditation practice, but the simple act of resting your mind and placing a warm glowy light of a flickering candle next to you can help relax both your mind, body and soul.  Reducing the amount of stimulation and harsh light in the room will allow yourself to adapt and focus into your exercise quicker. Bring out your candles for meditation, yoga or prayer.

2.    Bath/Shower

Take a bath! There’s a long list of health benefits that come along with soaking in a tub of warm water, including lowering your blood pressure/ improving your blood circulation, moisturizing your skin, relaxing your muscles and helping you sleep better.  But who wants to sit in a bath in the bright white light? Give your body and mind a proper soak and use a candle as your light source for all the warm cozy vibes. Pair it with a mint fragrance (we’ve got it) to open up your sinuses when you’re sick or a soft lavender to get yourself ready to drift off to bed.

3.    Read a Book

Pairing your favourite read with a scent is a great way to dive right into the emotional of your characters in the novel.  If its the evening and you’re craving a cup of coffee, try our “Morning Brew” fragrance as a substitute and enjoy the scent without the caffeine.  A warm coffee scent to read with your novel but it won’t keep you up at night.  

4.    Cleaning

Ain’t no body got time for that but ya gotta do it! I’m a bit of a clean freak and might get a bit of rage while doing the regular and never ending chores of the day so lighting a candle with citrus has been known to revitalize the mindset and encourage positive memories.  Our “Satsuma” or “Sunshine fragrance are made with citrus notes to cool you down during your chores. Or light a baked good scent and fool your guests into thinking you’ve whipped up a batch of cookies, no problemo!

5.    Workplace Aroma

If your work allows, pair your desktop computer with a small travel sized candle in your choice of fragrance.  Set your work vibes right and remove the stress in the environment.